Welcome to the Digital Certificate Services for MAS/VPN Certificates

Associates use iCA Identity certificates to provide authentication when using the MAS/VPN application. When connecting to the Bank of America network from a remote location, an associate's identity must be verified. For more information review the MAS/VPN User Guide available at the link listed below. To enroll for an iCA Identity certificate,  click on the MAS/VPN Associate Certificates link below.

Download MAS/VPN Associate Certificates:

MAS/VPN Associate Certificates

MAS/VPN User Guide:

MAS/VPN User Guide

Notification: https://certificates.bankofamerica.com content is now on Flagscape:

All of the content of this site (with the exception of MAS/VPN information) has moved to Flagscape. The new site under Flagscape is called Digital Certificates . Please book-mark the new location and start using it in lieu of https://certificates.bankofamerica.com.

You will need to be inside the Bank’s secure network to use the new Flagscape Digital Certificates site.

Steps to assist with potential VPN/MAS connectivity issues

To:  Impacted employees and their managers

From: Deployment & Maintenance Operations

Your ability to connect to the bank network may have been affected by a recent technology upgrade.

If unable to connect to the bank’s network please follow the steps below:

1. Reboot the workstation

2. Logon to the computer with your NB ID.

3. Locate My Computer icon on your desktop and double click

ü   Locate icon that includes C :

ü   Then double click on the following: Program Files \ Avecto \ Privilege Guard Client

4. Open PGNetworkAdapterUtil.exe

5. Right click on the Cisco VPN Virtual Adapter and click on disable.

6. Close Avecto Network Adapter Manager

(If an EasyLink Teleworker user, please stop after completing this step. Everyone else still continue to step 7)

7. Login to the AnyConnect VPN if you are not connect to the bank network

Start / Programs / Mobile Access Services / Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client